The Rules

THE RULES – 24 Hours Sufferfest

The premise for 24 Hours Suffer Fest is climbing a route clean for points, and doing that in succession for 24 hours straight. Team members will not have to climb the same routes, but will only get points for lines that they climb. Individual scores will be tallied as a team total. This way a 5b climber can match with a 7a climber and make a team. TEAM Strategy is the key.

  1. Teams will consist of two climbers. There will be no “Solo” climbers. Unbalanced ability teams are allowed (Intermediate and Advanced) but are certainly not mandatory. Each team is allowed to have a scorekeeper to help fill out scorecards correctly and legibly, but any further “support” is not allowed. Team members will belay each other, no outside help with belaying. Team members will carry their own gear, eat their own food, go get their own drinks, etc. Teams will need to come up with a unique name. If not, the default team name will be both members’ last names.

Categories are based on your best redpoint level. For example, if you have ever redpointed a 6c then you are an advanced climber. Do not register Intermediate. You are allowed to climb routes rated below your division category. However, you will not be allowed to climb any routes above your entered division. We repeat, you are not allowed to climb any routes that are a harder grade than your entered division. That means an intermediate climber cannot climb a 6c; an advanced climber can climb any route they choose. See below for category scale, based upon your best redpoint.

NOTE: there is no recreational category.
Intermediate: 5b – 6b+ 
Advanced: 6c and above

  1. To gain points, climbers MUST climb with no aid nor rest every route. Free-solo climbing is not allowed. Both members do not need to climb the same routes, but if so, leaving draws up for the second member to climb is okay. Toproping your teammate counts for points but only half. Points are given for clean ascents only, arriving at the anchors with no FALLS, no HANGS, and no PULLING ON GEAR. If you fall or hang on gear, lower down and climb back up to your high point in “yo-yo” style, then continue on.

Stick clipping up to the second bolt is allowed but nothin above the second bolt.

Anyone observed endangering themselves or others by climbing like an idiot will be disqualified. Simply put – climb in a way that respects others, and protect yourself from the unknown, broken holds, protection failure, or purposeful runouts.
Please be polite and step aside if another team is waiting for the route.

24HSF Grading
Grade Points
4c 80
5a 100
5b 120
5c 140
6a 160
6a+ 190
6b 220
6b+ 250
6c 280
7a 310
7a+ 350
7b 390
7b+ 440
7c 490
7c+ 550
8a 610
8a+ 670
8b 730

3. The event starts at 11 am on Saurday and ends at 11 am on Sunday. There will be a mandatory climber meeting Saturday at 10 am to discuss questions and rules. Afterwards, teams will be able to ready themselves and gather back at the check in area for the start of the comp. This is when scorecards will be handed out and roll will be called. Teams are required to report to the check in station at 10 pm on Saturday night and 4 am on Sunday morning. From 9:30-10:30 pm, climbers will turn in their scorecard and receive a new one. The check ins are a Mandatory Safety Check In and are open from 30’ prior to the time until 30’ after. Please mark your scorecards clearly and legibly. Correct scoring is our responsibility, a legible scorecard is yours.
At 10:45 am on Sunday morning the warning will sound. You have until 11:15 to turn in your scorecard to the registration table at the Colletta briefing point. If you are late, points will begin to be deducted from your score.

    1. Extra Points: For the TEAMS that fulfill at least one route every two hours for the whole 24 hours, an extra 790 points per person will be added on for a team total of 1580. Both climbers have to fulfill the obligation, or no points are given.. In addition, any climber who climbs at least one route for each area of the valley will receive a 300 point bonus. Also, any route that is 20mt or over will receive one grade bump in point total. Routes completes during the hours between 10pm and 5am will be rewarded with 50% extra points.
    2. Lines: Some crags and routes, can be a busy place, and with that sometimes there are lines of people waiting for routes.. You are allowed to do two laps on a route, even if there are others waiting, but only if you do them without resting in between. If you and your partner do a lap and decide to take a quick break before you start the second, then the next team in line is allowed to jump in….if they have their shoes on and are tied in. In addition, you are not technically in line for a route if you are currently climbing a different route. In other words, you cannot reserve routes in advance. Every second counts in 24HSF, so be considerate of others when out there. Be efficient for yourselves but also for others who are waiting.
    3. If one team member is injured, must immediately report to check-in stations and to the volounteers.
    4. We cannot stress enough that Risk Reduction is of utmost importance at 24HSF. Don’t be stupid. Take a rest if you need one. Use your headlamps or a lantern at night. Take naps. Stay hydrated and fueled. Double, triple, and quadruple check each other’s knots, belays, systems. MAKE IT A HABIT ON EVERY ROUTE. Surely fatigue and dementia will be your biggest cruxes. If you are falling asleep at the belay, please throw back some more caffeine, or more importantly, take a rest. Death or injury due to sleep depravation is NOT WORTH IT! DO NOT continue climbing if you find yourself at an anchor with no idea how you got there.

    Please remember that this comp is based on the honor system and we have created the event with complete, blind trust in your integrity as a climber.